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There are multiple Perspectives available that allow One to display web content inside a BlackBerry Dynamics (BD) Android program. Each has different abilities, therefore it is crucial that you understand what they provide so that you may select the one which is most suitable for your intended usage. It's necessary to be aware that not all of WebViews have the ability to use BD media technology and may be an integral element in deciding upon the proper one for your program.

An program to achieve hosts behind a corporate firewall. To learn more about how this works, check with the BlackBerry Dynamics Architecture Overview.
Let us look at the four choices now available and the capacities They provide.

BlackBerry Access:

  • Restricted customization
  • Requires BlackBerry accessibility be set up

Your program can invoke BlackBerry Access Working with the Open HTTP URL Shared Service to display the information from BlackBerry Access (at another program ) or to exhibit inside your program as a complete screen view of the internet content made by BlackBerry Access. The entire screen view lets you control if the browser chrome (URL pub, etc) and also Launcher have been exhibited. The attribute to have a BlackBerry Access display perspective look on your app was added from the March 2020 launch of BlackBerry accessibility for Android.

Native Android WebView


  • Does Not utilize BlackBerry Dynamics Network Connectivity
  • Does not apply data leakage protection

This option identifies the Normal WebView widget that is a part of Android and is likely what your (non BD) program currently uses. If you're displaying web content that's stored locally in your program, you can continue to use this technique if the data shown isn't confidential, like a Support or a About screen. Any network requests will be made directly into the net and won't utilize BD Network Connectivity. This means your program won't be capable of using BD technologies to get resources behind a corporate firewall. BD data leakage policies may likewise not be implemented, therefore users will have the ability to replicate data from inside your program and paste it in to any other program if you don't apply the BD ClipboardManager in your app.



Does Not utilize BlackBerry Dynamics Network Connectivity

It implements data Leakage protection by obstructing paste and copy and averts form information being stored when using the Android autofill frame whenever these attributes are disabled at the policy configured on BlackBerry UEM. It features no extra functionality beyond information leakage prevention within the native Android WebView.

Open Source Android WebView

Experts: Greater sophistication than other alternatives


After reading this article you should have a better Comprehension of the Choices available for displaying content on your BD Android program. The next table summarizes the important points covered for every area.

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