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QuickStart: Establish BlackBerry

This article is for Developers who intend to grow and test programs integrated with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK. If you're a dev trying to find a set of minimum directions to run and examine a BlackBerry Dynamics program, this article is right for you.

By The conclusion of this guide, you will discover how to make an example of the BlackBerry UEM Cloud server and configure it to check your BlackBerry Dynamics app within the BlackBerry platform.

Let's Begin.

Check Your Organization's BlackBerry Licenses
Before Creating an instance of the UEM Cloud server, ensure your organization is entitled with at least a trial license of BlackBerry Products and Services. Login to your organization's BlackBerry accounts

Your BlackBerry account should set up with a trial license shortly.

  1. Create your BlackBerry UEM Cloud server
  2. Login to BlackBerry My Account:
  3. On the left-hand navigation, pick Servers.
  4. On the right, click the Insert Server button.
  5. Select BlackBerry Cloud as your own hosting choice.
  6. Enter a customized domain for your own BlackBerry Cloud server.
  7. Select Insert Server button.

Your Company's BlackBerry UEM Cloud renter will be created in a couple of minutes. You will be prompted to launch your BlackBerry UEM Cloud server or get an email from BlackBerry with a URL to the BlackBerry UEM Cloud server.

Launch UEM.
Input your BlackBerry Account credentials and login.

On This UEM Cloud machine is to develop and test your BlackBerry Dynamics program so that you don't have to configure for other devices.

1. Certification from BlackBerry.
2. Select Default for the Safety in your organization dialog.
3. Jump Email setup then pick Start.

Check"Don't show this again" differently the dialogs Will be displayed when you login into the server next time.

Add a nearby user(s) to your BlackBerry UEM Cloud server
1. Cloud and save.
2. Open the newly created user's profile, then select Set activation button.
3. Select BlackBerry Dynamics access key creation in the Action alternative.
4. Set to generate 5 access keys and place to expire 15+ days.
5. Select an email template to send freshly created accessibility keysor None.
6. Select Submit.

Add BlackBerry Dynamics Apps and Services for your BlackBerry UEM Cloud server
Your BlackBerry UEM Cloud server displays all programs and services that are eligible for your own organization in the Apps listing. To activate a BlackBerry Dynamics program on a user's device, the program has to be recorded in the BlackBerry UEM Cloud server.

If Your own BlackBerry UEM Cloud server does not exhibit the app you'd like to assign to a user, login to your BlackBerry account at BlackBerry Marketplace for Enterprise Apps. Locate the app and request to begin trial. The program will appear in your BlackBerry UEM Cloud server when the trial has been granted. Watch Add public BlackBerry Dynamics apps to the app list

Assign BlackBerry Dynamics Apps and Services to User
Once You find that the BlackBerry Dynamics program on the apps list on your BlackBerry UEM Cloud server, you can assign the program (s) to the user generated above to test activations in the BlackBerry Infrastructure. There are lots of methods to assign apps to an individual in UEM Cloud.

In The case below, apps are included by selecting the "+" button and choosing apps directly to your user.

This user is entitled to BlackBerry Access and Work for people apps. Enterprise Appstore displays apps assigned to the consumer on a device and may be accessed through BlackBerry Launcher after BlackBerry Access is activated on a device. Its source code is offered in the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS setup folder. Programmers can build the app and trigger on a gadget.
· Now, the consumer is ready to activate the programs listed above on a gadget. For more information, visit BlackBerry UEM Cloud Help online.

Activate BlackBerry Dynamics Apps on a user's apparatus.
· Let's start with installing BlackBerry Access. On your device, download BlackBerry Access from its public app store (Apple or Google). Activate the program using the email and get key created previously.

· If you activated BlackBerry Access, check the BlackBerry Launcher, select Appstore icon. It'll display Enterprise Appstore list the programs assigned to the consumer.

· Select BlackBerry Work and Choose the Setup button. It'll show to set up the app from the general public program store. Download and trigger BlackBerry Work. When activating, select to Setup using BlackBerry Access. It will activate BlackBerry Work using process the effortless Activation feature without entering the email and access key manually.

· Establishing BlackBerry Work requires you to configure other elements of BlackBerry UEM Cloud to allow Business Directory Services. You can defer this procedure until your app is required to test together with the completely configured BlackBerry Work app. See more information on BlackBerry Work Help online.

What's Next

· You're now prepared to develop and examine your own app integrated with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK. Head to Getting Started Guide with BlackBerry Dynamics SDK and find out how to include your program's BlackBerry Dynamics entitlement ID and Version to your company's UEM Cloud server.

· Stay tuned for Our following story!

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